Home Office/Residential Services

Technical Matters offers services to home offices and individuals that are in need of computer assistance. In most cases, we charge fixed prices for the service. Our services include:

Virus and spyware removal

We clean your computer of annoying virus or spyware which slow your computer and compromise your confidential information.

Setup of new computers or printers

computer repair

We connect your computers, printers or other peripherals.

We install and configure your security, productivity or other software applications.

We can install, reinstall or upgrade your computers’ operating system.

Setup and configuration of Internet access, routers or wireless access

We work with your Internet Service Provider to connect your home computer to their Internet service.

Hardware upgrades and repairs (hard drives, memory, fans, DVD/CD players)

We can swap out or replace any of your computer’s hardware components.

Maintenance performance to keep your system running efficiently

We recommend and set up a data backup solution and schedule to insure hardware or software failure does not result in the loss of your information.

We perform routine maintenance on your computer to keep it running as fast as when you first purchased it.