Networking Services

Technical Matters offers the full range of network services necessary to install, implement, maintain and administer local and wide area networks. We help you keep your business connected.

Network Design and Capacity Planning

We put together a network designed to grow as your business grows. From site data cable layout to outlining the specifications of your hardware to determining the correct file system structure, we provide all aspects of network design services.

Implementation Services

Network Installation

Our installation process consist of the following major steps:


Our cabling team will run cable throughout your site to support phone, video or data services. We organize your data closet in a neat, orderly fashion.


Our team of network experts sets up and configures each hardware component: routers, servers, computers, printers, etc.


We systematically install and configure your software applications. We, then, verify that each application is running properly.


We install and optimize your security devices and software. We setup groups and user access rights to predetermined areas of your network.


After everything is installed, we test functionality to make sure the network is working as designed.


We train your staff on how to use the system.


We document your entire network infrastructure so you have everything in one place.

Network Administration

Technical Matters will handle the administration of your network from adding new users to upgrading your software.

Network Security Services

Your network is exposed to new threats every day. Whether it is someone trying to hack into your network, nasty viruses, or an internal threat by a disgruntled employee, Technical Matters has you covered. We monitor and manage all aspects of network security, anti-virus software, firewall, and VPN so you can feel assured about the safety of your information.

We help your staff develop network and internet security policies and procedures to minimize your risk of exposure.

Network Maintenance and Monitoring Services

We maintain your network to ensure it is functioning properly. We believe that by being proactive verses reactive our clients can save money and work more efficiently.

We monitor your network to ensure that warnings and signs of trouble are handled prior to them affecting your network health. Through advanced web based monitoring tools our engineers are alerted to critical issues as they occur.

We monitor logs, investigate and fix critical errors. Depending on your business needs we determine the correct log maintenance schedule for your server. This process of maintaining your log files reduces your storage needs, increases your server performance and reduces the risk of downtime.

We monitor your virus definitions to ensure you receive daily updates. This prevents viruses from infiltrating and corrupting your network.

We monitor and maintain your backup data on a daily basis.