Our Process

Technical Matters realizes that some services require more discretion than other services. Therefore, we have listed a general outline of how we perform our services. Ultimately, our process is determined by the services you request and the discretion you require.


Technical Matters meets with your business personnel to identify your objectives and concerns.


Technical Matters conducts a detailed analysis of your critical business activities which, if necessary, may include following your staff around seeing what they do and how they do it. This step involves two areas:

Current Technology

We assist you by focusing on your business objectives and how to use technology to meet those objectives.

Security and Internet Procedures

We help you prevent, prepare for, and respond to threats internally or externally, at home or abroad.


Technical Matters presents our findings along with our recommendations and a plan of action.


Technical Matters brings in staff that can best address each finding and recommendation as it relates to your project, systematically resolving each issue. We will assign a dedicated project manager who meets monthly with your staff to keep you up-to-date.


Technical Matters provides you with completed up-to-date documentation of your network.